Sunday, 26 May 2013

Easy Silk Rope

Theese bracelets are easy, fast to make
...and just lovely!

I found them at

* 3mm satin twisted rope in color of your choice
(1/2 yard in each color will give you plenty)
* scissors & fabric glue
* flat nose pliers 
*masking tape
* 2 ribbon crimp ends
* 2 jump rings
*1 clasp

* start by pouring a small amount of glue onto the silk ropes (every 6"- my wrist size), let dry and when you'll cut it, it won't unravel
* lie together as many ropes as the ribbon crimp end can fit in (in this case, 5)
* wrap the flat nose pliers with some masking tape (so the ribs on the pliers won't leave a mark on the crimp ends)
* the ribbon crimp end is really tight compare to the diameter of the ropes
* with the pliers on either side of the ribbon crimp end, split it open
* insert the ropes and squeeze
... join the jump rings and the clasp ... and done!!

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